LifePlan Cashflow is an excel spread sheet system. Various spread sheets interlink to produce graphical financial forecasts of income, expenditure and future net worth. The system is designed to assist financial advisors with financial planning for their clients.

Uses for the system include gaining an understanding of:

The maximum quality of life that might be possible without fear of running out of money.
The growth rate on assets needed to optimise chances of achieving financial objectives.
The maximum risk that needs to be taken to optimise chances achieving financial objectives.
The impact that saving and investing will have upon future financial security.
The impact that losing an income would have upon the financial security of a family.

The system is designed to be simple to use with flexibility for the user to input their own assumptions, and to then compare different scenarios with their clients.

The LifePlan Cash Flow system breaks financial structure into simple pots:

Cash Pot
Income and Expenditure
Investment Pot
Property Pot
Liability Pot

The system requires minimal data entry to give a meaningful and powerful cashflow forecast. You decide on your assumptions, current and future income and expenditure, and then you simply move money around the pots to produce your optimum forecast.

The system produces a simple, and clear future financial forecast that is easy to follow and has immediate impact.

The LifePlan Cashflow system helps you build the relationship with your clients rather than with their money. It is simple to use, and importantly it is simple for clients to understand and you can trust the results because all of the data and assumptions used to generate the forecast are clearly visible at all times!

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